Homemade rainbow rice


The idea of rainbow rice may seem so basic (I mean it's just rice right?), but the kids get endless fun out of this. Children will enjoy the sensation of the rice running through their fingers, and the sound it makes as it falls. Younger children can learn how to scoop and pour using some spoons and cups, play with funnels, hide and look for items in the rice.  Older children can take this further and play word and number games with hidden alphabets and numbers, or enjoy pretend play with some additional figurines and accessories.

Comes with 3 kg of rice in 6 colors (500g each) packed separately so you can arrange as desired before your children dig in.

To get started right away with some rainbow rice fun, check out the play set here, complete with storage container and recommended play tools.

Composition and safety:

This rainbow rice is homemade, using only food coloring and vinegar to color the rice, so this is non-toxic if ingested. Adult supervision is required at all times for children under age 3.

Use and storage:

Store in a sealed container to keep clean and dust-free. Do not get wet.


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