Rainbow pasta play set


Rainbow pasta adds nice variety to the collection of sensory bins as it combines several interesting shapes and colors. This translates to a different sensory experience as well as opportunities to learn by sorting and other creative play. It is essentially like playing with a box full of different shaped beads or buttons, but it is more colorful, less messy (beads will tend to roll all over), safer for young children and cheaper! 

Other than messing up the pasta and enjoying the wonderful sounds that makes, children can learn and sort the pasta by color or shape. They can also make beautiful colorful necklaces by stringing the pasta or lovely pasta art by pasting the pasta in selected colors to form a colorful picture or pattern. This is great for fine motor skill development as well as developing creativity and aesthetic appreciation (I had a lot of fun doing this myself!).

Great fun for all ages! 

This play set comes with:

  • Homemade rainbow pasta 1.5kg of mixed pasta in 6 colors (250g each, three types of pasta - fusilli, elbow, penne - per color) [usually $26]
  • Sturdy plastic box with cover that is used both as the play pit as well as for storage - two size options:
      • LARGE box (L46cm x W38cm x H17cm)  [retails for $12] - Good for more children to play together
      • MEDIUM box (L40cm x W32cm x H15cm)  [retails for $10] - Recommended size 
  • 6 beautiful melamine rainbow sorting bowls [usually $18]
  • Tall clear plastic glass
  • 12 pipe cleaners (each 30cm long) in 6 colors and some cotton twine - for threading of pasta
  • Laminated ideas sheet



Composition and safety:

This rainbow pasta is homemade, using only food coloring and vinegar to color the pasta, so this is non-toxic if ingested. Adult supervision is required at all times for children under age 3.

Use and storage:

Store in a sealed container to keep clean and dust-free. Do not get wet.

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