Educational Insights Playfoam Combo 8 pack


This new addition to our lineup of sensory molding material has been a big hit with my 2 boys at home! Composed of tiny colored foam beads held together by a secret no-stick binding formula, it has a fun light texture that does not dry out and is pretty much mess-free. Because of its lightness and unique composition, it can be molded into many shapes that are not possible with heavier molding material, like 3D standing animals.  Its other winning feature for us is how it stays pretty and colorful even after all the different colors are mashed together, turning into a lovely rainbow mix unlike other materials which will turn an ugly brown. 

Squishy, squashy, shaping fun! Try it for yourself today :)


Composition and safety:
Playfoam is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It contains no gluten, proteins, organic materials or other allergens. Recommended for age 3 and up. Adult supervision required at all times for children below 3.
It does not dry out, but keep covered to keep it clean and dust-free.

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