Dinosaurs colored rice play set

$46.00 $38.00

Let your child's imagination run wild along with the dinosaurs in this prehistoric "small world" colored rice play set. With a set of well-crafted dinosaur figurines, trees and bushes, plastic eggs as well as colored rice in 3 shades of green, children can create realistic scenes of dinosaurs roaming in the grasslands, while engaging their senses as they play with the colored rice. They can enhance the scene by making little rocks with the air dry clay in natural colors (also included), or even make dinosaur fossils by pressing the dinosaurs' feet into the clay. 

This play set includes:

  • Homemade grass colored rice 1.5kg (3 shades of green packed separately so you can arrange as desired before your children dig in) [usually $10]
  • Sturdy plastic box with cover that is used both as the play pit as well as for storage - two size options:
      • LARGE box (L46cm x W38cm x H17cm)  [retails for $12] - More space for play
      • MEDIUM box (L40cm x W32cm x H15cm)  [retails for $10] - Space saving, sufficient for 1 to 2 children
  • High-quality dinosaur & plants 9 piece set comprising 5 dinosaurs (T-rex, triceratops, spinosaurus, brachiosaurus, pterodactyl), 2 standing trees and 2 bushes [usually $18]
  • 2 clear plastic eggs that can be used as scoops or shakers [worth $2]
  • 3 packs of Crayola Model Magic air dry clay in natural colors [worth $8]
  • Clear plastic tumbler
  • Laminated idea sheets for dinosaurs colored rice sensory play


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