Diddle dough play set


This is the ultimate playset that will keep children of all ages occupied for hours with neverending play dough fun. Children will enjoy rolling, cutting and molding this wonderfully pliable material, and coming up with all sorts of play dough creations. We have included a few of our all-time favorite tools and accessories in this play set and these are great for helping to build your child's fine motor skills, stretch their creativity and enhance the overall play experience. 

It includes:
- 6 colors of Diddle Dough, our special homemade play dough that is soft, easy to mold, taste-safe and long-lasting (150g x 6) [usually $22]
- Essential tool set with rolling pins, hand roller and rolling cutters (6 pieces) [usually $8]
- Extruder set with 2 pattern rails [usually $8]
- Funny face accessories set [usually $6]
- Shape cutters (12 shapes) [usually $8]

- Sturdy storage box with cover (L36cm x W29cm x H12cm) [worth $8]


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