Castles & construction kinetic sand ultimate play set - 5kg sand


This is the ultimate combination of the castles and construction themes that both play so well with Waba Fun's authentic kinetic sand from Sweden, one of our most mesmerizing sensory materials. You can transport back yourself to medieval days and build the most elaborate castles with the sturdy castle building tool set, or build a realistic construction zone scene with modern-day construction vehicles, or you can let old meet new and do both at once!

Kinetic sand plays wonderfully with the construction vehicles in this set as it allows children to fully explore and play out all their functions - from digging the sand and loading it on the dump truck, paving a flat road with the steam roller, clearing away heaps with the bulldozer. Add in the adorable little construction signs, and you will have a perfect realistic construction zone scene. Great for a construction-themed party too!

Kinetic Sand is a registered trademark and Waba Fun's first product. Made in Sweden. It is a revolutionary type of sand that is easy-to-shape,moves on its own and never dries out. It offers you all the fun with sand with a lot less mess as the sand stays clumped and won't spread all over. Kinetic Sand offers a magical and mesmerizing sensory experience for both young and old. 

This play set includes:

  • 5kg Waba Fun Kinetic Sand [usually $72; RRP is $79.90]
  • Sturdy LARGE plastic box (L46cm x W38cm x H17cm) with cover, that is used both as the play pit as well as for storage [worth $12]
  • 8 piece sturdy castle building tool set [usually $12]
  • 5 piece construction vehicle set [usually $18]
  • 14 piece construction signs set [usually $6]
  • Mini shovel [worth $2]


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