Cassia seed pool party rental


Looking for something different to entertain your little party guests? Try our latest offering - Cassia seed pool rental! You probably have seen it in shopping malls, this stuff is AMAZING, totally natural and safe, yet so much fun and can entertain children for a really long time!

Set it up in a corner of your party area, and the kids can entertain themselves while the adults chat in peace.

Our rental package includes:
- Colorful sturdy inflatable pool 2m x 3m *
- Generous amount of cassia seeds to fill the pool (~100kg)
- Comprehensive range of quality toys to keep children entertained (pails, shovels, scoops, wheels as pictured; themed toys such as construction vehicles available too)
- Disposable socks for your guests
- Delivery, set up and clean up

*Option for pit-in-pit set up as shown in last picture at no extra charge. Larger pit is 3m x 4m.

Rental starts at $300 for 3 hours. Add $30 for each additional hour if required. Contact us on WhatsApp (96688360), or Facebook to chat.


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