Castles kinetic sand play set (1kg/2kg/2.5kg/5kg sets)


Build beautiful and elaborate castles while being mesmerized by the sensory experience that the authentic Kinetic Sand by Waba Fun offers.

Kinetic Sand is a registered trademark and Waba Fun's first product. Made in Sweden. It is a revolutionary type of sand that is easy-to-shape,moves on its own and never dries out. It offers you all the fun with sand with a lot less mess as the sand stays clumped and won't spread all over. Kinetic Sand offers a magical and mesmerizing sensory experience for both young and old. 

This castle play set includes:

  • Waba Fun Kinetic Sand either 1kg, 2kg or 5kg* [usually $22 for 1kg and $72 for 5kg]
  • 8 piece sturdy castle building tool set [usually $12]
  • Sturdy plastic box with cover in 3 options
    • SMALL size for 1kg set (L36cm x W29cm x H12cm) [usually $8] 
    • MEDIUM size for 2kg set (L40cm x W32cm x H15cm) [usually $10]
    • LARGE size for 5kg set (L46cm x W38cm x H17cm) [usually $12]

*1kg and 2kg sand sets have 2 options - sand in original box packaging (as pictured), or sand without the box packaging at a discounted price (still the same original Waba Fun kinetic sand, just without the box packaging)


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